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And away we go! Look for it on my blog…

Rainbow Gold Reviews

TODAY is official “Find-A-Rainbow” day. To Celebrate, LGBT bloggers and authors will hide our RGR button somewhere on their blogs.

If you find them all, there will be many wonderful prizes to reward you.

THIS EVENT WILL STARTS NOW (new blog/ websites are still being added)

RULES: Click on the links and search for our Rainbow Gold Icon somewhere on the blog or website.

Write down the location where you found each icon, but don’t share the information.

The more Icons you find, the higher your chances to win 🙂

POLL: Please Share the number of Rainbow Gold Icons you have found ❤

Participating Blogs/ Websites:

Freddy MacKay

Bronwyn Heeley

Toni Griffin

Jean Erhardt

Sara York

Andrew K Kinley

Carly Rose

Eloreen Moon

K-lee Klein

Wendy Hoffman


Andrew Grey

A.E. Via

 Vicktor Alexander

Brandon Witt

Taylor Law

Z. Allora

Christopher Koehler

Tamsin Flowers

Sarah Madison


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Find-A-Rainbow Scavenger Hunt

Pot Of Gold RGR

Find-A-Rainbow Scavenger Hunt TODAY!

Rainbow Gold Reviews will be starting a scavenger hunt TODAY.


There are many prizes to be had and my blog is a hunt host.  This one, any reblogs, and the link on my sidebar don’t count.   You are looking for the RGR rainbow by itself.  Happy Hunting!


Eloreen Moon gives 10/10 pots of gold for Andrew Grey’s A Courageous Ride (The Bullriders 3)

My review of Andrew Grey’s A Courageous Ride from Rainbow Gold Reviews!

Rainbow Gold Reviews

Why I chose to read:

A big thank you to the author for providing the ARC to RGR for the purposes of an honest review.  Since I love cowboy stories, and books about musicians, I fell in love with the blurb.  I had read the first one in the series; and then purchased the second one, so I could follow the series to read this one. Since I’m such a stickler for reading each book in a series in order, I just had to read them all.



Aspiring orchestra conductor Marshall is exhausted after months of auditions without a single job offer. Marshall’s friend, Terry, recommends a change of scenery and points Marshall in the direction of a dude ranch run by former bull rider Indigo Santana. Marshall is understandably skeptical, but his friend is convincing, and Marshall needs a break, so he agrees to go.

Indigo captures Marshall’s attention but…

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Release Day: The Edge of Hope (Bad Blood 1) by Alina Popescu


Cover Reveal: The Edge of Hope (Bad Blood I) by Alina Popescu

The Edge of Hope is the debut novel of writer Alina Popescu, the first book in the Bad Blood Trilogy, a story of vampires, love, struggles, and a constant fight for survival.

badblood cover blog promo

Edge of Hope (Bad Blood I)

When tall, dark, and gorgeous shows up on your self-prescribed emotional recovery vacation, some would call it fate smiling down on you. If he also happens to be interested in your work and ready to make all the room you need in his life, it starts to sound too good to be true. Alexa skips the doubts and jumps right in, only to be thrown into the mysterious world of vampires.

The secrets of their origin and their very existence are far more important than her life to some of her new acquaintances. They are ancient, they are powerful, they have unlimited resources, and they are keen on controlling what the world knows of their kind. As Alexa discovers their complicated, blood feud bound world, she tries to better understand herself, heal old wounds and give love chance after chance. Will she survive the journey?

Find out more:

Book trailer

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About the author

Writer, traveler, and coffee addict, Alina Popescu has been in love with books all her life. She started writing when she was ten and even won awards in local competitions. She has always been drawn to sci-fi, fantasy, and the supernatural realm, which explains her deep love for vampires and is also to blame for this trilogy.


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