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September 10th, 2014

Since being published in a variety of locations as a reviewer/blog host in the Spring of 2014, I’ve have a lot of review requests.  Be assured that if I have not answered, I will reply.  However, I have had to rethink how to organize responding and reviewing all of these requests.  Because of this, I’m behind on requests with a lot of personal as well as work commitments.  I work full-time so they get precedence over my blog at this time.  Even my writing has fallen behind. 🙂

Please be patient with me as I get my act together.  Preference will be given to LGBT fiction, but will consider mainstream on an excerpt by excerpt basis.  Be advised that you will likely get a reply declining or there might be as long as 3-6 months wait.  If there is not a time preference for your review, please go ahead and submit and state that in your email.
Eloreen Moon


In addition to random postings and writing, I provide a variety of services on my blog.  I provide space for blog tours, blog hops, guest posts, contests, and giveaways for free.  I am also a beta reader, reviewer, and editor.   Below are the submission guidelines for beta reading, reviewing, and editing.

Beta Reading (Free):

I have been beta reading since 2010 and will potentially include some proofing because I can’t help myself. 🙂  Submit an email with the subject “Beta Request” and a word document (preferred) or PDF to along with a blurb, expected time frame, genre, and any content warnings I should know about.  If accepted, I will turn around within 2-4 weeks depending upon work load.

Reviewing Services (Free):

I am an independent reviewer as well as a reviewer for various promotional and reviewing blogs.  I have been reviewing since 2011.

Moonbeams Over Atlanta
Blog:// (Here!):

Please email me at with subject “Review Request” and attach an epub (preferred) or PDF of the story needing review.  A blurb along with genre, any content warnings, and requested turnaround time would be helpful in the body of the email.  If accepted, I will turn around within 2-4 weeks depending upon work load. (UPDATE: Reviews will likely be as much as 3-6 months at this time. Please see notice above.)

Rainbow Gold Reviews
Facebook Fan Page:

Sensuous Reviews

Editing Services (Fee):

I provide proofing and editing services, especially for independent authors.  Fees will be negotiated on a book by book basis and are generally low.  Please contact me at with the subject “Editing Request” for more information.  Please follow the Beta Reading guidelines and I will provide an estimate depending upon what you are looking to do.



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