Eloreen Moon gives 9/10 pots of gold for “You Can See Me” by A.E. Via

Another review over at Rainbow Gold Reviews: You Can See Me by A.E. Via.

Rainbow Gold Reviews

Why I chose to read: 

Thank you to A.E. for the opportunity to read You Can See Me. I really enjoyed the story very much.  I had seen some comments online that Nothing Special was about a character from You Can See Me; and so, I thought there might be a series, or at least a sequel, going on with these two books.  While Leo from Nothing Special is in You Can See Me, mentioned by Prescott Vaughan near the beginning of the story, he is not featured and these books can be read out of order.  Because I thought it might be a sequel, I read You Can See Me first before Nothing Special as I try to read any stories that have a sequence to them.  It helps cut down the confusion.

Normally, I review in order too, but Nothing Special had a blog tour on our…

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