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Check out this year’s Queer Sci-Fi’s Flash Fiction Anthology Innovation as part of the blog tour with Other Worlds Ink.

“Innovation” Unique Excerpt: Cat’s Meow by Nicole Dennis
Jacob hit the intercom system. “Alex, where are you?”

“Lab. Had a breakthrough!”

Jacob went to the ‘danger zone’, the basement, where his crazy innovator husband worked. They came close to blowing everything up.

Four times.

A machine scanned his palmprint before it opened the secured door.


Their black housecat sat on the metal lab table. His husband fiddled with something.

Jacob scratched Lucky behind his ears. “Don’t blow up the cat. Please?”

“Not that kind of experiment.” Alex used fine tools to secure a small device. He flicked through multiple magnification lenses while he worked.


“What are you doing?”

“If I did my calculations and created the precise alignment of sensors, he can talk to us with this…

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