>>Celebrating Minorities<< Spotlight, Excerpt and Giveaway – "Dakota" by Vicktor Alexander

Spotlight celebrating minorities on Rainbow Gold Reviews with Vicktor Alexander! Please note: All giveaways where you comment, please comment on the original posting. Thank you!

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There are many minorities that most don’t think about, let alone see, in fiction.  You have some minorities that you see but don’t see.  For instance, bisexuals–the “B” in LGBT.  It is one of the main sexual identities but it is not represented as much when stories are written. Bisexuals are largely still in the closet. The same is true for fiction of bisexuals.  There are also religious and political minorities as well.  What about those that identify as not Judeo-Christian-Buddism? How about those that are conservative in social issues but liberal in financial issues, or the reverse? And the oldest minority besides race? Females. Talking about minorities, you have to acknowledge all of them.  Even the ones you can/don’t want to relate to.  Because there are people out there that fall into ALL of the categories. 🙂
This is a Spotlight for book 1 of the series.  For more information about the series, click on The Sevion Brotherhood picture.

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